Sunday, 13 October 2013

What I learnt from my first 3 days of trying to be 80/10/10 raw

  • Raw beetroot doesn't agree with me. But cooked ones are fine with me. Try beetroot and carrot soup or a beetroot quinoa salad.
  • The zucchini I  eat doesn't have to be organic.
  • Adding too much cinnamon to my raw marinara. Big eh-uh.
  • Spirulina is rich in B12, something that (raw) vegan/ vego often needs.
  • Spirulina smells, but tastes okay. If you really struggle, adding a banana helps.
  • Banana tastes the best when it's ripe. I'm talking about brown > yellow in ratio. Markets usually sell these babies cheaper because they are "overripe". A plus. To me they are perfectly sweet mushy goodness.
  • My bottle of chia seeds is bitter when eaten without soaking it.
  • Juicing is awesome, and so good for you.
  • If eating 100% raw doesn't work for you, try eating mono fruit meals during the day, and raw salad or steamed veggies for dinner.
  • Cut out the processed 'superfood's e.g. coconut water in a bottle, and use the real stuff instead e.g. extract the water from a young coconut.
  • Stay 80/10/10; use CRON-O-Meter to help you check your macronutrient intakes... but a whole durian can be an occasional treat
  • If you having a dates-galore day, remember to drink lots of water.
  • Going raw, doesn't have to be an overnight mission. Take as long as you need and don't be so harsh on yourself.
  • Staying active is important.
  • Smoothie love spreading is welcomed.
  • I still enjoy my carrot and celery sticks ;)
  • Dried white mulberries are my white chocolate, my maple syrup and my candy <3

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