Monday, 21 October 2013


At first it might not make sense. But you really feel a difference after you have eliminated all the food/ have cleansed your body, then one day you (accidentally) introduce unhealthy food... It's that moment or the morning after that you realise how sluggish and bad it makes you feel. If you nourish your body with all the right things as nature intended, you will not crave high kj, low nutrient foods that your body doesn't want or need.  One of the light bulb moments in my life was when I encountered a demo counter for health science/ nursing at a territory education expo. I had an emotional epiphany of how disgustingly unhealthy consuming junk food can be. You really are what you eat. If you eat fruit and vegetable and all the good things, the nutrient shines through your skin and body. Don't wait until tomorrow, because 9/10 tomorrow never come. Make the change today.

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